Residential Lot Information

When you purchase a lot in Heritage Valley Estates, you can build your custom dream home with a budget that works for you and your family.

What is a Residential Lot?

A residential lot is a surveyed parcel of land intended for residential use, mainly single-family homes. It gives you the freedom to build your own home while also adhering to the community’s architectural guidelines. 

These lots are also pre-developed, meaning they already have underground utility lines installed, roads completed, and sewage hook ups. All of the ‘groundwork’ has been completed, so you can focus on building your dream home without worrying about developing the land. 

Benefits of Buying a Residential Lot in Heritage Valley Estates

Purchasing a lot means you have full control over building the home you’ve always envisioned. You can choose the builder, design, and features that you want with few limitations. 

In addition, you…



Front-Attached Garage

Finding a Residential Lot that Fits Your Needs

Because Heritage Valley Estates offers above-average-sized lots, you have more opportunities to build diverse floorplans. Plus, you’ll enjoy more backyard space, so you can create your very own outdoor oasis.